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Superficial kiss, what is my chance for syphilis?

I met a girl, sexworker, and when we did the greeting she gave me a brief kiss on my mouth. I felt her mouth was open  and wet, mine was open also, but we did not really french kissing, but may we changed some saliva? The total kiss was a view seconds. What are my chances for STD / STI especially syphilis? (i tought that was the only real risk?)
I'm a little worried now :(
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A brief kiss like this won't transmit anything. The only real risk from kissing is oral herpes type 1 (cold sores), but it takes more than a brief kiss to transmit that. It needs some time and friction to do so.

Syphilis would likely be oral after giving oral sex, so that would be an internal sore in her mouth, maybe on her tongue or the roof of her mouth. Syphilis transmission from kissing is a theoretical risk - in reality, they'd have to have a sore on their lips, which you'd see.

There's no risk here.
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