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Suspicion of prostatis

I recently went for a urine test and my urine was quite ok except for the leukocytes that were discovered I am still waiting for my diagnosis,prior to that I had been experiencing burning sensation when I urinate,then frequent urination of small amounts,and most of the time my urine used to stink offensively recently I started drinking cranberry juice most of the previous symptoms mentioned cleared BUT my urine is not the crystal normal urine colour,its kind of cloudy and clear,which is not normal because when I urinate it in the toilet the urine colour doesn't show.I recently ejaculated after sex and it was really painful and I felt uncomfortable.What kind of prostatis do I have or what is really wrong with me?Please help me out as I am still young,I am just 23 going 24 this year in june.I would be very glad if you helped me out here.Thanks for your anticipated reply
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Try posting in mens health this does not sound STD related.
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