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Swollen Lower Eyelid

Ok, so im a 22 yr old male who 2 months ago woke up one morning to a swollen lower left eyelid. The eyelid itself was swollen, allong with the skin underneith it, causing 2 ripples to form.  It was red and dry.  Over the last 2 months i have tried warm compresses and cold compresses, only showing minimal improvement. I have to apply neosporen multiple times a day to keep the skin from becoming so dry and tight.  That skin does peel on occasion as well. Some days it seems like it is getting better, then it takes a turn for the worse.  The swelling has enlarged and moved down lower below my eyelid. The eye itself is completely fine, no itching, no burning, no vision loss, dont use contacts. It is just the skin below my eye starting at the eyelashes. It is not sty as i have no point of swelling or white spots. As the day goes on it seems to get better but just barely and then every morning when i wake up its bad or even worse.  This swellings runs from the inside corner of my eyelid to about 4/5 away across to the other side under my eye.  It can become itchy at times but not severly,usually wipe it down and apply more neosporen. Again, this is just under one eyelid. Can anybody help me or explain what this might be?  Is it a skin rash causing the inflammation and dryness? could it be some type of std?  allergy?  please help

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It's not an STD, you need to see a Dr.
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