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Swollen lymphs around groin? STD?

Last Wednesday I had sex and as he pulled out of me to change positions we realized the condom had split. On Monday I got severe itching in my pubic area. It was very red from the itching and went on all day. I also have severe burning and discomfort in that area. It feels like my lymphs are swollen and it's so sensitive it hurts to even touch (I felt around for masses and felt swollen lymphs). Does this sound like a possible STD? I am getting tested anyway but I have to wait to test for some things, but I've been sick with worry. I know no one here can diagnose me but I just wondered if this was common in anyone's experience. I read both HIV and herpes can cause swollen lymphs in that religion. Also inside is itchy but that comes and goes. I've had some white discharge as well as clear with no odor also. It's so painful I can barely take it. I'm trying to get in with a doctor.
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Hi, and sorry what your going through. Firstly you can have swollen nodes as a sign of herpes but a sore would develop first so i would not be to concerned about this. Most at risk for herpes are in long term mono relationships where one partner is infected and if he did not have any genital sores at the time, your risk for herpes would be close to zero anyway. You can test for herpes at the 8 week mark as a good indicator with a blood test or have the area swabbed.
Since  you have a white discharge it would appear you have a yeast infection which could cause the itching and irritations
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