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Swollen painful groin lymph nodes. No other symptoms

In a male. I had unprotected oral sex performed on me. And covered vaginal sex. Two weeks later I had bilateral painful and swollen groin lymph nodes. No other symptoms. Is this an indication for infection or would there be other symptoms? Thanks
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Hi, the protected sex would not cause any inside issues and the risk for any std from the oral is quite low. If you did get a penis infection you would have had a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating about 7 days later. If your concerned have a doc check you out.
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Thanks. One other thing. There was a penis sore under where the condom was covering it. It didn't look like any STD. It was more from friction from condom. Would a sore on the penis skin by itself cause swollen groin glands?
It might. How long has it been now since this happened? Are you still having symptoms, or has it passed?

Really, though, you should probably see your doctor. You can get syphilis from oral sex. I don't know the timing of when the sore occurred, so it's hard for me to say how likely it is to be syphilis, but you could have that or NGU, which you can also get from oral sex.
The sore did not look like syphilis chancre. Plus it was painful and I heard syphilis sore is not painful. The sore came about 10 days after the first incident and a day or two after another incident. In thinking it was caused by the condom from the second incident. I went for testing but it might be too soon to detect.
10 days from the first encounter is good timing for herpes, which you can get from oral sex if your partner has oral hsv1. If it was from the condom, I'd expect it to appear sooner than it did, but I suppose it's possible. How long did it last?

What kind of testing did you have done? You're correct that syphilis sores are painless, and the timing doesn't work for that.

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