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About a week and a half ago, i got oral sex from a female. I've been dealing with on and off for about a year. During this encounter, she wore a ring on one of her fingers. The next  morning after dealing with her, i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. A couple days later I started to feel soreness on the skin on the right side under my penis head. When i examined it, i saw no raised bumps but redness from what maybe irritation. (when rubbing my finger over the area, it seems as if a small area may be swollen) At times the spot would itch and just ache with pain. I'm also thinking she may have been to rough when giving me oral sex, and I may have made things worst by engaging in intercourse the follwoing morning. Not knowing, what was going on.

I guess my concern would be, is this a sign of a STD! I have no discharge, (I seem to check every 15 min, forgive me)

Also would the area itch, during the healing process.

I know this may sound stupid, i apologize just need some feeback. Hope to hear from you soon.

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