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Symptoms after oralsex and HJ at massage parlor, may it be std?

3 weeks ago, I was at a massageparlor. The women put condom on my penis wth her hands and give med a short blowjob (maybe 20 seconds), before I did stop her. Then she did jerk me a little and took the condom away before I did finish/cum. I am not sure if she did touch her own vagina before she was touching me or if she did touch my penis when she was taking the condom out. I touched her breasts and legs but not her anus, mouth or vaginal parts.

Last week, I also went on a massage parlor. I was totallt naked and got massage. She toched my penis for a few seconds and asked me if I wanted anything extra but I said no. Nothing more happened. I also regret that I did visit this massage parlor.

Next morning I had sex with my girlfriend without protection. Two days after this, my girlfriend told me that she got more discharge than unusual and also with unusual concistency. Then the discharge went away, but she got a little bleeding/stopping, which also did stop. She tells me that she first thougt it was her period (it starts around these days). She has no other symptoms/signs and also no pain.

At the same time (meaning the last 3 days) I feel like I have to pee almost all the time and my urination opening at my penis tip feels a little bit irritating (but not directly painful, just a little irritated/weird). I do not have any other signs or symptoms.

Do you think this is STD, or just a bacterial or candidal infection? And if it is STD, which one is it probably? I am going take STD tests of course, but I probably have to wait. I also do not want to scare my girlfriend if everything is fine but I also do not want her to stay untreatet if I did gave STD to her.

I will never go back to a massage parlor again. I am afraid of beeing infected from the towel/bedsheet, from the very short bj with condom and from the hand-to-skin contact we had.

Thank you for answering.

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Please, anyone?
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What ever your girlfriend has isn't related to your exposure.
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