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Symptoms of HIV?

Hey doc just had a few quick questions for you..A few months back I had unprotected sex with my partner. While I know she has a had a few partners, I wasn't thinking clearly. Probably about 3-4 weeks after that incident I was running and post running I noticed a lump in my groin which started to throb. I thought it was just a torn muscle from doing something odd while running. So I went to the Dr. to get it looked it. He assumed I just tore something.. however at this time I hadn't developed other symptoms. A few days later I started to get muscle aches, especially in the neck,  a very sore throat, some fevers, and just a general tiredness. This was back in end of april/beginning of march. I read online and saw that this could just possibly be Mono, as I matched all the symptoms, well mostly, and I wasn't worried cause the Dr. said it was just a torn muscle in the groin. But now I wonder... could this be HIV? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Doc.
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You should not use such symptoms to assume you may have HIV that is totally absurd...
It is very very unlikley you have HIV but get tested anyway to settle your own mind because once that fear has settled in it takes a lot to move it and you risk becoming obsessed whereby every single thing you feel or see points you towards it being a symptom of HIV ......
Testing at this point would be conclusive so pop down to your Gum/Std Clinic and have a test done then get on with your life.

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You do need to follow up with your doc on this.  It could be mono, or any one of a variety of viruses.

Its not HIV.  It doesn't matter if she's slept with an army of men.  Most people are HIV negative, and its harder for men to get it from women than the other way around.  Your odds are very low here for HIV.

But see your doctor.

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Thanks a lot guys, got tested this morning actually. Will hear back between 5-7 days. This is just a peace of mind. Thanks again.
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Well hes not exactly absurd for worrying about HIV, most HIV symptoms are Flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, sore muscles, fever, etc.  I would be worrying too if those symptoms showed up after sex.  Definately get tested.
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Yes, but the symptoms are so vague they could be from anything.  Most experts, including our Drs. HHH and Hook from the expert forum, recommend never being freaked by those symptoms, because they could be anything.

As I said, most people don't have HIV, so there isn't a really big worry here.

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