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Symptoms only days after

Hi I am a bit worried, any answers would help me alot.  I had unprotected oral sex (giving) with a woman 3 days ago and I have not been feeling good.  For the past couple of days I have not had any appetite, I work out and have a high 3000 calorie diet and have not been able to eat even half of that.  Today I have been feeling off, not able to concentrate at work, have not been able to eat, drank a protein shake and kinda felt like vomiting (but didn't).  I have a bit of a headache and warmth in my head.  I have also had diarreah the past couple of days.  I am worried I have contracted an STD.  I will get checked five weeks from now, but I would like to know what I could have possibly gotten that fits the symptoms I now have?  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.
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Nothing you've mentioned suggests you've caught an STD. This sounds like you're just under the weather but not related to your exposure which was about as safe as unprotected sex gets. Get tested in five weeks but you won't have caught anything from this.
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Thanks tony.  I really hope so.  

Its been exactly 7 days, throughout this week, I've been very tired, have had diarrhea, have felt a cold coming on (itchy throat, stuffed nose in the morning), and have had very intense headaches.  It's mostly gone, only a dull headache is left.  That night I drank heavily and I even smoked a pack of cigarettes, a habit which a quit a few months back.  I chalked up the symptoms as maybe my body reacting to the cigarettes.  Or maybe I picked up a bacteria from this women.

But today I have found a bump on my chest, the area is slightly reddish.  It doesn't hurt but it palpitates slightly in a bothering way.  Its located about an inch to the right of my left nipple (towards the center of chest).  I've had enlarged lymph nodes before in my armpits and they hurt bad, nothing like this, are there lymph nodes located on the inside of the breast?  I'm really hoping this is unrelated, but it seems too coincidental.  Could this be a symptom of something like HIV?

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