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Syphilis Chancre Sore

I had an encounter with a girl and I suspect she has syph. No intercourse, protected oral, fingered her with my middle fingers covered with condon. And my penis was unprotected between her breasts.
She has what looks like a syph chancre sore above her vagina. I "might" have touched the sore with my bare fingers.
Less than one week later i discovered a swollen lymph node below my left ear. Then discovered another one near my collar bone.
Today i can see what looks like a pealing of skin with a circular shape. It's small. Not elevated. Color inside is a bit darker. On the bare finger that might touched the sore.
Does this sound like Syphilis?
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It doesn't sound like syphilis too me on your finger.

Of course you should talk with this person about it.   In any case you describe a low risk encounter for all STDs.

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the contact you had really wasn't a risk for syphilis though I'm doubtful that what you saw was a syphilis sore in the first place.

your symptoms you are having are not where you'd have symptoms from a std. follow up on them with your provider to get better answers than you'd ever get trying to self diagnosis online.

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