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Syphilis Concern or other STD?

Life Dave,

Heres my situation please help:

On 4/19 and 4/22 received protected oral from 2 asian escort in vegas and finish with hand job.  My concern is they both licked/sucked my scrotum.  I could not see oral mouth sores but might have looked like dry lips.
On 4/30 noticed 1 pimple on bottom of scrotum.  This pimple is in follicle with long pubic hair.  I squeezed it and some clear/blood liquid came out.  Pimple wasnt really sore but was a little sensitive when found.
On 5/9 visited dermatologist and he gave me some acne cream (adapalene and benzoyl peroxide) to put on. I was worried it was hpv but he said no.
From 5/11 to 5/19 scrotum where pimple found was clammy, sticky, itchy, and icy/hot sensation (stress of hsv 1 kicked in). Im assumed it was the acne cream.
I call dermatologist on 5/19 and very concerned.  He calls in doxycycline 100 mg for 10 days and finish on 5/29.  
On 5/26 i go back to dermatologist panicking so he takes swab for herpes test.  
On 5/30 herpes swab test normal.  Pimple sore just about healed, now feels like small scar tissue lump under skin.

My questions:

1.  Could this be syphilis?  Pimple was noticed about 10-12 days after encounters.  It never turned into a crater looking chancre seen on internet (maybe because i squeezed it?).  Would a chancre sore on scrotum look similar to chancre on shaft of penis?  Looked like a larger hair follicle with long pubic hair.  Currently it healed but still can feel slight bump like scar tissue under skin.
2.  Because i finished doxycycline and found out this is treatment for syphilis can i still find out if i contracted syphilis?  Would there be antibodies showing recent/past infection?  Do i have to wait to test since i just finished doxy on 5/29?  
3. Wife gave me oral 3 times.  She sucked my testicles on 4/28 where pimple was noticed on 4/30.  Other 2 times only the penis.  
4. Do you think i have a legit concern or stressing for nothing. Im wondering if i should just tell wife my stupid mistake so she can get tested.  But risk of losing my marriage for something i may not have.  I thought was i did was safe.  

Please help. Thanks

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Hi licking like your describing would be considered zero risk for contracting any std and syphilis would really not be any big concern as them having it oral is very rare and the chancre is not liquid filled like your describing.
But since your married it would be suggested to test for herpes and syphilis for her protection
I will get tested but not sure if the treatment of doxycycline will alter the results.  I wish i didnt take the doxy. Didnt know it was treatment for syphilis.  I thought i was for bacterial infection. Can you answer my question 2 above?

I already tested for herpes by taking swab of pimple sore and was negative.
Dave or anyone

I tested at 6 weeks for hsv 1 and 2, syphilis, hiv, hep c all negative.  I read that blood test for hsv needs to be done at least 12 weeks so i tested too early.  Plus i read a percentage of people do not develop antibodies so could be false negatuve.  Im currently experiencing sweaty and sticky scrotum where scrotum touches thigh. I could be standing in shopping center with AC and scrotum sweats a lot.  Is this a symptom of hsv?  

Hopefully someone can help and answer.
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