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I have a relatively new partner (about 8 months). I was given a full STD screening prior to us meeting and was completely negative. He did not take a full screen but only an HIV test and was also negative. When we first met, he had a few small red areas on his penis/testicles that his doctor said were fungus and gave him a cream for it. These red areas disappeared and re-appeared a few times over the months.

I was just tested again (I am tested every 6 months for my own sanity) and my syphilis test came back positive with a Titer of 1:16. I was treated with 2 shots of Pencilin G- the same day I was notified that I was positive. My partner is getting tested and treated today. We are assuming the red spots that were there were actually syphilis as his doctor never took an actual scraping or examined it, only visually. We are positive this is the case and do not believe there has been any "outside of the relationship" sex.

My question is: When should we be in the "clear" to engage in sexual activity again, without fear of transmitting syphilis back and forth. I have read many articles that say to wait about 1 week post-treatment while others say to wait 6 months to a full year. Any advice would be appreciated as we are considering adding a third partner (friend of a long time) into our sex life.

Thank you.
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If you have no symptoms, you can have sex at 7 days post treatment. This includes any sores, any rashes, unexplained headaches, fevers.

Make sure that your 3rd partner has been tested for all STDs, including syphilis and HIV, before including him in your sexual activities. It would suck if you were cured, only to be reinfected.

Also, if you're in a high covid area, talk about what kind of steps you've all taken to reduce risk. Sex doesn't transmit covid, but close contact sure does.

You should have been told that you'll go back for a follow up blood test. That might be in 3 or 6 months (this is where that time frame you saw comes in.) At that point, if your titer hasn't dropped 4-fold, in your case to 1:4, you will probably be retreated. Until you and your partner get that confirmation of cure, you might want to use condoms.

Good luck.
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