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Syphilis chancers

I read this on the CDC website...

"Syphilis is transmitted from person to person by direct contact with a syphilitic sore, known as a chancre."

Does this mean that if there is no ulcers/sores, then it cannot be spread? Or can it still be spread without a chancer sore?
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Hi, syphilis is spread by direct contact with a chancre or with 2nd stage syphilis which are the rash on the feet or hands.
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Hi yes its spread by direct contact with a chancre or direct contact with 2nd stage syphilis with is a rash on the hands or feet.
Thank you. So.....no sores or rash....no transmission? I only ask as I had a syphilis test at 37 days which was negative. Some sources say that's a near conclusive result....others say 90 days. But I have no visible sores after nearly 8 weeks. I don't want to put my wife at risk. As I have no sores, I'm hoping that's ok? Having another test in 2 days for reassurance...then follow up at 90 days. Thanks again
correct but you can take a blood test at 6 weeks post exposure if you want.
Thanks. Yes, my test in 2 days will actually be at 8 weeks and 2 days. But because it was MSM, the doctor said to repeat at 12 weeks. Would you expect the result to change given no sores have appeared and the negative test just shy of 6 weeks? Was concerned about giving it to my wife, hence the query about the sores having to be present. Thanks again. Appreciate your help.
no i dont see it changing
Thank you so much. Really appreciate the work you guys do. Thanks!
Just got test results back - 58 days post exposure - HIV and Syphilis negative.

So that's 2 HIV and Syphilis tests, both negative (one at 37 days and 58 days). I still have my follow up at 90 days still....hoping these results wont change.
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Syphilis does have a 90 incubation period, but the average incubation is 21 days. C. Lata and mucous patches also spread syphilis and pictures are available on the CDC website. C. Lata can look similar to warts (but does vary) and mucous patches are usually white and roundish.
Thanks CassPalmer
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