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Syphilis false-negative?

I have strong symptoms and I believe I have contracted syphilis 12 years ago.
I did many tests but I am afraid they are not accurate performed after so many years. I did both treponemal and non trepomenal tests: RPR, VRDL, Elisa, Eia Igm, TPHA - 2 times, Anti T.Pallidum Immunoblot Igg, PCR from blood sample. Everything came out Negative.
I am really scared because I have persistant nodular rash, which I thought is acne, completely unaware of the symptoms. Olso I have neurological symptoms: trembling, tingling, pain in fingers, pins and needles in hands and sometimes head and vision problems: increased net of floaters, light sensitivity, blurried distant vision. On top of everything I have something looking like oral hairy leukoplakia on my tongue sides. I tested negative for hiv1,2 with elisa and 4th gen. antibody/antigen. I am really stuck as all my symptoms point at syphilis but I cannot get a proper test to show it and I cannot get treatment. Please advise, how accurate are the test in such a late stage? I read about two possible couses of false-negative results: prozone effect and the fact that there is 4%chance that tests show negative in late stage.
Should I go and ask in the lab to dillute the sample by4 so that prozone will be ruled out?
I am just so convinced this what I have but I cannot get treatment...
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Hi if you got syphilis 12 years ago untreated you would not be here typing you be dead and at the least terrible brain damage. This was al capone died of.
Thank you very much for the answer but symptoms cannot be explained by anything else, also my  pimples on the face and body look like secondary rash with the exact white ring of scales. No acne looks like this. :/
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