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Syphilis or a natural pimple

I have this pimple on my scrotum.  It is bigger than a normal pimple and smaller than a cyst.  It felt like a little BB. hard with a white head.  I popped it an blood and pus came from it.  This was at 6:00AM around noon I squeezed it again this time a little blood only.  I'm leaving it be to heal.  No abnormal look or pain, just a bit harder than a normal pimple, but it is on my scrotum.
I hope I am safe. I preformed oral on a guy 11 days ago, he had no sores or anything unusual looking, he also claimed he was just tested 2 weeks ago, but we know that means little.  He did kiss my butt area but never touched my penis or my testicles.  The pimple doesn't not look like herpes o ra chancer yet.  I've read that there must be contact at area of chancer and that 11 days might be a bit soon for symptoms anyway.  Please help to keep my stress levels down.  Is just a pimple or should I be worried?
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More info, so i got this pimple like thing saturday when i woke up.  I squeezed some blood and pus out.  Now monday it seemed to fester again and i squeezed it.  Should i have this checked or just a lsrge ppimple?
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So a few things -

*If you perform oral on someone, you'd get an oral STD, not a genital one. Your symptoms would only be oral.

*If this were syphilis, it's too soon for the symptoms to appear. It takes at least 3 weeks for a syphilis sore to appear.

*Herpes and syphilis don't present as pimples.

*Don't pop or squeeze your pimples. You can introduce bacteria from your hands into them and cause infection.

It could be just a large pimple, or it could be an abscess or boil, infected hair follicle, etc. Get it checked and stop doing anything with it until you do.

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Thank you
You're welcome. Let us know what the doctor says.
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