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Syphilis or not????

I'm pregnant and had a blood test don't for screening. I was told I had a lot of antibodies so I had another test done it came back abnormal for syphilis with a titer of 1:4. I have never had syphilis and never been treated for it. I have no symptoms and am perfectly healthy and so is baby from what they can tell. The Dr. wants me to go see infections disease specialist but the appointment isn't for two weeks. I'm so worried about these results and the baby, I've been reading online it could kill my baby. I'm so confused and anxious I just can't wait for the appointment.
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What exactly is your questions?
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Is it possible it's a false positive? If it's not and it is positive, will the baby be okay for two weeks while I wait for an appointment? With a titer so low does this mean I've had it for a long time? I read new infections have high titers. Wouldn't I have tested positive last year if I've had it for a while? The Dr also asked me if he could test for lupus and other diseases in case I had them but wouldn't I know if I have any of these? I also read that pregnancy can cause false positive results, I'm just confused cause I've never tested positive for anything my whole life now I'm pregnant and this could possibly harm my baby.
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It could be a false positive, this would be a newer infection if you are truly posiitive.
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I'm going crazy reading all these things about syphilis on Google. Should I take my other two kids to be tested in case they missed it when I was pregnant with them? They are 3 and 7. If a new infection how long would 1:4 titer suggest? I'm really thinking it has to be a false positive but the Dr obviously doesn't if he's sending me to a specialist right?
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Pregnancy is on the list that causes false positives.

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I've read everything under the sun I guess all I can do is wait to see the specialist in two weeks, I just can't believe this. Thank you everyone
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