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Syphilis question

So a while back I was worried I had gotten an std from unprotected oral. I had a regular CBC and urine test all good. Still worried I was tested for ghono and clamiydia. Both negative. I went in but still not feeling 100. Now I seem to have some tinnitus and uveitis in one eye. Now I am concerned about syphillis. I never noticed any chancre or any rash on my palms or feet. How easy would it be to not notice those things? I know a CBC does not determine specific stds, but would it show something abnormal if I had an active infection? Thanks for your time.
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No, none of the testing you've had done would indicate syphilis. You need to have an RPR or VDRL test done. Those tests are specifically for syphilis.

Chances of syphilis are low, as it's not that common in most places, but since you seem worried, just get a test and allow yourself to move on from it.
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