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Syphilis scare

I would like to know what my risks are.
On the 1st of March I had a massage and my penis got touched until it got hard and then had a protected blowjob with condom.
Got tested on 14th of March and everything was negative.
I pee very  frequently, normal colour and clean. No particular symptoms.
Perhaps my head is playing a bit as I found my penis a bit feeling a bit  uncomfortable if I think of it.
I don’t have any rash but I see some redness occasionally. I do suffer from a mild Balanitis.

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You had protected oral, so your chances of getting anything are slim.

The most common risk would be gonorrhea, which you aren't at risk for since you used a condom. You could be at risk for syphilis and herpes, but with a condom your chances are much lower. Without symptoms, I wouldn't worry at all.

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No risks with the hand contact?
Thank you so much.
I have been tested 13 days after. Is it enough?
You really didn't need to test since your risk was so low.

You definitely had no risk for gonorrhea, so a test for that is pointless at any time. Your risk for syphilis and herpes is super low, and I wouldn't test with no symptoms. Tests for both of these at 13 days is too early, but I don't think you need to test at all.

Since I have a feeling you'll test anyway, you can test for herpes and syphilis at 6 weeks, since most people will develop antibodies by then. It can take some people up to 4 months to develop antibodies for herpes, and 3 months for syphilis, but since your risk is so low, you really don't need to worry about it.
Now day 25 my right hand side testicle, more precisely the tube feels sore occasionally. I don’t understand if it’s my head playing or should I worry???
Your head is likely playing tricks on you, or something is going on that is totally unrelated to this encounter. Herpes or syphilis wouldn't cause pain in your testicles. If it lingers, get it checked out.

I'm not sure why you are so anxious about this, but remember that anxiety and/or guilt (or whatever the cause for this) does not equal risk.
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