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Syphilis stages and tests

6 years ago I had unprotected vaginal sex. I'm a female. 9 months after that I developed a rash in between my breasts. Not a single sex act in that time frame. The rash didn't itch but it took a long time to heal. I got an STD panel the following day and everything was negative (VDRL included). I was just relieved that it wasn't HIV. But lately I've been reading a lot about syphilis stages and tests. I'm worried about the rash because I'd never had anything like that before or after. I know the syphilis rash appears in the secondary stage 6 weeks to 6 months after inoculation. Could it be that I had a syphilis rash 9 months after exposure?
I've also read that the VDRL and RPR tests can give false negative results in the secondary stage because of the prozone effect. Did the test at 9 months give an accurate result?
I had another VDRL test 5 years after and it was negative, but the test becomes less sensitive as time goes by. That's why I had my blood drawn for a FTA-ABS test. The results will be ready next friday. If I got syphilis from the exposure 6 years ago, will it show in the FTA-ABS? I've read treponemal tests remain reactive for life, but I don't know what to believe anymore. Was it too late to test?
I'm also worried because some 10 months ago my nephew hit his head against my mouth while playing. I'm not sure if any of us got a cut. If some of my blood got into a cut in his forehead, he would have developed a chancre where the bacteria entered his body by now, right? I know this is a crazy question. I'm sorry.
By the way, I'm HIV negative and I've never been pregnant.
Help me please :(
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Someone please? :(
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What did you use to heal the rash?
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