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Syphilis testing at 6 months

Hello I had an  unprotected vag sex at the end of July 2017. My doctor was  persistent on me taking a 6 month HIV and Syphilis blood test (RPR) below are the tests I have already taken.
Aug14th neg RPR
Dec 6th neg RPR
Feb 8th is still pending
I received my results for HIV NEG.... so now my question is. Is there a chance my neg 4month RPR will change? I thought the window period for Syphlis was 3 months. I am really nervous and this is my final test and I can move on. Please give me information. Thanks for all you do here.
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I really hope this team here will give me an answer.
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Window period for HIV depends on the kind of test you go for.
-If is a combo duo ag/ab it will be accurate 28 days after the encounter.
-If is a normal antibody test (finge-prick) it will be accurate 3 months after the exposure.

Regarding syphilis, 6 weeks is a good time to wait before testing. But if you get it negative, is good to re-test 3 months after the sexual exposure, as there are people that take longer to show a positive result.

All the best.
Yes I tested 4 months post with a RPR = neg
And an AG/AB combo =neg my doctor was pushing me to take a 6 month which I did on feb 8th I received my neg results for my combo but what I am worried about is if my neg RPR will now be change have u ever heard of that but my RPR is pending....
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Meant to say at the end I have you ever heard of a neg RPR 4 months change at 6 months ?
I'm in similar situation with you. I'm at 6 months post-exposure, preparing for another test. Have you gotten your results yet?
Have you had any symptoms?
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