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Syphilis testing warranted ?


Last week I had an encounter with FSW in which I kissed her arms, thigh (inner region), neck and cheeks. I saw some black spots on her arm (not sure what those were) and there were some pimple sort of bumps on her left cheek on which I did kiss (I saw them later in light). I kissed her inner thighs quite vigorously and sucked on her toes and also briefly rubbed her genital area (outer) with hand. The session ended with a protected handjob.

As far as I have read on this forum, this encounter leaves me prone to skin related STIs. What concerns me most is the information that Syphilis sheds from inner thigh in many cases, the exact area that i so sensually kissed.

What are the chances of me contracting HSV, HPV and most importantly Syphilis from this encounter ? Should I get tested for Syphilis at 2 month mark ?

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Hi, with out symptoms like chancre or blister sores appearing in about 2 weeks or if you have a long term partner no testing would be recommended.
Thanks for the response.

Will you please be able to reword it as I am unable to fully comprehend it.

Followup, there is a chance of acquiring Syphilis with this encounter ?
Also, can you please comment on HPV and HSV in this case.
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Kissing a syphilis chancre or a herpes blister or an HPV wart could be spread but highly unlikely
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