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Hello so about 4 months ago i had sexual contact with a SW in Malaysia. There was strictly no oral, vaginal or anal sex. She had her pants on the whole time. But she was not wearing a bra or t-shirt. She put oil ok her hand and proceeded to give me a handjob. Later she rubbed her nipples against my penis. That was it, a few days ago i spotted a painful sore near my penis. And i believe i have swollen gland on my neck. I also tested for syphilis on the 7th weeks with VDRL and TPHA and it was negative. What is my risk? Should i test again?
Thanks in advance
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You didn't have any risk of getting syphilis by being masturbated by another person would be if that person has syphilis in the second stage of the infection and she/he has a rash on her/his hands. Honestly, I don't think that person would be there to masturbate anyone is she/he had a rash on the hands.

Also, any test 3 months after the encounter would be accurate. So, your test for syphilis shows that you don't have than infection.

All the best.
Thank you but i meant that i tested 7 weeks after exposure.
It doesn't matter - you had no risk.
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