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T. Pallidum - Do I have Syphilis?


I am 35+ female and mostly abstinent, small number of previous partners, usually long-term relationships. In October 2015, I was tested for all STDs after an unprotected encounter in July 2015. I paid for the tests myself, which cost a small fortune, but it meant I received the results in my hand.

I then took them to my GP. I was treated successfully for Ureaplasma, which is a nasty little bug which among other things caused an inconceivably bad and inconcealable stench with urine (urea) overtones to emanate from the vagina, returning two hours after washing, menstrual blood stank too.. making it impossible to live and work normally, or go on day trips or overnight trips, wear one set of panties, shorts, summer clothing, dresses, etc.

The October 2015 results also included:
S_HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab: negative
S_RRR: negative
S_Ab anti-T.Pallidum: 0.25         negative         index

Does the "0.25" mean I am carrying antibodies to T. Pallidum? How can I tell when I was exposed to Syphilis?

Previously, to be on the safe side, I used to get tested before beginning a new relationship with a new boyfriend - both of us got tested. My last test was in Australia in 2012, apparently negative on all accounts but I did not see the printed results. I broke up with this boyfriend in early 2013. I may have kissed a man in 2014. I did not have another sexual partner until July 2015. Three months after this, I had the above STD tests done.

Thanks :-)

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Hi, these numbers reflect values of positive and negative and yours falls into the negative value so you dont have and were not exposed to syphilis.
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Thanks, but there is only one number and it's positive and beside the words S_Ab anti-T.Pallidum. I asked two doctors to explain the exact meaning of the number but neither was able to. The exact positioning on the page is as follows:

Method                                            Evaluation        Extent/range

S_HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab:        negative
S_RRR:                       negative
S_Ab anti-T.Pallidum:  0.25             negative           index

It seems that a very low positive reading may be classified as "negative" but it is still a low positive reading.
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It says negative. There is a range of numbers and when it fell into the negative range.
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