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Telling all of my partners about Genital Warts?

So I had genital warts 2 years ago, and had a few re-occurrences throughout, but nothing for about 3-4 months now.

Should I tell all of my new sexual partners about this?

I feel like they will all leave me and not have sex with me. Why would someone have sex with me after knowing this? I wouldn't :(

I am in such a dilemma and don't think I will ever find my true soul mate... thinking I will settle for a partner that has had genital warts in the past. Very scary to me.
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You haven't found your soul mate because you are a sexually active person (nothing wrong with that just take all that it comes with), and you will not risk telling them that their health is at high risk because your afraid to lose them, is something that should call you to reconsider life's points.  

Please tell them, and make some adjustments if you really want to find a soul mate.

The good thing about genital warts is that they are curable/treatable
and the HPV strain will clear out of your body about a year.

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How is their health at risk with Genital warts? Everything I have read about the warts is that they are just an inconvenience, not the same strains that cause cancer.

I doubt you are a M.D, am i right?
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genital warts are a cosmetic issue, not a health risk. it's still much appreciated by partners if you talk to them about your recent hpv history and let them make the choices as to precautions to take. also ask them if they've had their gardasil shots too.  If you use a condom properly ( the condom goes on when the clothing goes off, not just wait for actual penetration to put it on ), it has been shown to reduce transmission of hpv by 90% which is significant.

typically we say if they haven't reoccurred in  year that they are gone. At this point it's a good idea to discuss this with partners since your infection was still causing obvious warts over a year after infection and as recently as 3-4 months ago.

this is the patient to patient forum and not the doctor's forum as it plainly states at the top of the forum. if you want a doctor's opinion, you have to pay to post on the std experts forum.

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You are correct I am NOT an M.D.

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