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Terrible Symptoms of STD, Yet Testing Negative

Hello All,

Pretty much at My wit's end here. Will tell you the history in a nutshell. Three years ago I was with a girl in Taiwan, my partner then. When We used to have sex sometimes she had this cottage cheese discharge, whivh gave me terrible spotty rashes on my penis. I went for an STD Test But was negative then, So just thought she had thrush. The rashes wpuld clear after a week. Anyway, After ten months We broke up, but, from the beginning of our relationship actually, there was an itch in My anus whoch grew in strength to eventually be unberable a year on. This Then turned into warts. I had them burnt off, and used a cream to stem the itching, Although it still itches down there. It seemed like the problem was solved.

However, some months After solving that problem I started to get pain in My Left testicle, Constant peeing, clear discharge and yelllow lumpy semen. I had only been with My ex and a new girl in two years, and I Got My new girl and myself tested. Nothing. I have had tests in China and Britain for all major stds, But Nothing comes up. I have taken Antibiotics ciprofloxacin, doxycycline, azithromycin and now nitrofurantoin But Nothing stops it, only stems it. The doctors have No idea ehat is wrong with me. I have to wait some months for an appointment with a urologist, But i fear Even he Will not know.

What Cpuld it be? Is it curable? I think chlamydia and gonorrhea are ruled out since i Hav been tested for them abput sEven times  I wonder If it Could be fungal? Or there is bacteria deep down in My prostate? I am fasting at the minute, to see If that helps.
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Hi with the pain in your  testicle i would suggest epiditmus but  with this you would normally have  a urethra infection first showing symptom of a white puss discharge and burning while urinating. as infections start in the urethra and move to the testicle other than that you could be causing the pain by constant touching it looking for things.  Constant peeing could be a bladder infection or even anxiety based. not sure what clumpy seman is Clear discharge is not a sign of an ifection as it would be white puss.  Clear does appear with the onset of a recent urethra infection as is producing mucus to sooth an irritated area. Have your prostate checked.
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Hey Dave, Thanks for your answer. A doctor checked my testicles, and ruled out epididymitis, and also urethiritis, since both seem not to be inflamed. But I said to him, I am not lying, i have to pee ten to twenty times a night (nocturia)and my discharge  is coming out sometimes in solids. When I showed him a picture of this solid discharge, he immediately referred me to a urologist. Just have to wait a while for it.

Definitely though, I think the prostate is affected. Even when I finish urinating, I dribble copiously. Not good. I definitely have got to  have  a  more positive frame of Mind towards it.

Its a mystery. Just hoper it passes soon  


Warts, as you mentioned, are a sign of HPV.
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