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Terrified of HIV.. PLS HELP

I had vaginal sex with person I hardly know on October 8th. Both of us has also taken the ORAQUICK ORAL SWAB test and both of our results were negative.
We also had oral sex (me to her). I also has used a condom but I was drunk and don't know if the condom broke.
After 2 weeks of exposure I got some rashes on my chest and hands. After 3 weeks I started to have joint pains in both the elbows and knees. I have learnt from WEB that these are all the symptoms of Acute HIV infection. Please tell me if I am at any risk in this situation. She told me that the last time she had unprotected sex was nearly 7 - 8 weeks ago.
So, would ORAQUICK ORAL SWB provide a near accurate results for a person infected with HIV in 7 - 8 weeks??

I have taken the 4th GENERATION test at 28 days mark and it came out negative. Please tell me if I have to get tested again. If yes, please tell me whether I can take it at 6 weeks after exposure??
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You are hiv negative
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Thanks for the reply.. Would there be any need for further testing.. I am just terrified of this... Could not sleep..
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