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Testing timeline - Antibiotics

Possible exposure (can't remember if wore condom, but almost sure). Unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex.
Happened on a Saturday and freaked out on Tuesday and took 2G of azithromycin in the morning. In the afternoon went to see a doctor and did urine tests for Chlamydia and Gono. I know this is ok timing to test for gono, but chlamydia is probably on the borderline right?


1. If the results come back negative and specially after taking 2g of azi, is there any thing to concern about?
2. Is there a need to retest? I've read not really especially given my medication and no symptoms every showed up.

Thank you so much.
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1) you should have waited for a week before testing for cure
2) actually no need, test of cure for chlamydia is unnecessary. Unlikely that there will be resistant
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You say protected sex, but also that you aren't sure if a condom was used.

Since you only took the antibiotics that morning, it probably won't affect your test that afternoon. However, it was on the early side to test.

Azithromycin will only cure chlamydia, not gonorrhea, which you are at risk for from unprotected oral sex. Since you took the antibiotic, you should wait 2-3 weeks to test again, unless you get symptoms. If you get symptoms, go right in for testing.

Chances aren't high that you got gonorrhea - it's less common than chlamydia, and definitely less common orally. I'd probably not re-test, especially if a condom was used for the vaginal sex, but it's up to you.
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I think if I get the negative results, that will put my mind at ease. Would you say I should still get tested for HIV and syphilis, or that this was a low exposure that I shouldn't lose sleep on and don't waste money and just move on with my life?
I should add: This happened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The exposure was with a CSW in a popular area for massages - aimed at foreigners (backpackers), no locals (or if any, rarely I would say). I had visited this parlor before and she promptly got condoms for the vaginal intercourse - and that's why I am almost sure that I used this time too -I just can't be 100% sure. They seem to be very careful about oral sex, making sure the penis is clean and wiping it and cleaning it properly - i assume they do this for their own safety too. I asked my urologist and he said that syphilis is very rare in Vietnam.
If you used a condom for the vaginal sex, you have no need to test for HIV.

I have no idea what the rates of syphilis are in Vietnam, and can't find much on it. If the CSW brought out the condoms, then I'd assume they do all they can to protect themselves from what their clients may have, and that you used one.

If it were me, I wouldn't worry about this, and wouldn't spend any money on testing unless I got symptoms of something (and I don't think you will).
Thanks for your opinion.
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