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The Clap or Chlamydia?

Do I have Clap or Chlamydia?

I had a hot weekend date with a women with unprotected oral and vaginal sex.

Around 10 days later I was feeling like I'm having slight watery discharge from my penis. I have no pain during urination and urination frequency seems normal, discharge is tiny amount, more of a feeling really and sometimes just a white spot on my dark underwear. At this point I had unprotected sex with another female friend.

After another week I start having mild conjunctivitis like symptoms (some yellow discharge from my eyes, eyelids glued together in the morning). At the same time I also develop a mild sore throat, with some coughing and mild difficulty swallowing. This has been going on for about one week.

Without knowing the sexual history, a doctor friend prescribed Augmentin (Co-amoxiclav) 625 mg x twice a day for 7 days to treat my throat and some tetracycline ointment for my eyes if needed (I didn't use it). After 2 days of treatment it seems I have a small improvement of sore throat and eyes seem OK. But small penal discharge is still there.

I'm still wondering if i may have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.... one more issues, I am currently working in an isolated rural area in a developing country where I don't trust the medical testing capacity, can I just start treatment as a precaution until I get home next month?    

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Hi, the symptoms with std,s would be a white puss discharge and burning while urinating. a slight watery discharge really does not suggest an std without some urethra irritation as well.
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so you think the eyes and throat irritation are just coincidence?
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Thanks to Life360 for the encouraging answer. Just wondering if guilt1905 or gracefromHHP are of the same opinion?

Thanks guys!
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Hi there.  You've been answered that this does not sound like an std and therefore, we are closing this thread.  good luck

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