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Thinking I may have transmitted something.

So anyways I brought this girl home with me and we had sex from about 5.a.m. to about 9 to 10 a.m. after I began to  tire she got on top and began to ride, after a while it began to burn from what I believed was here grinding way to much on my upper pubic area. So once it was over she left and I slept for a while. So anyways I wake up and area above my penis hurt like hell(where the pubic area grows) It appeared a rash had formed or was rubbed raw. Could I of transmitted an std that quickly or is it just an irritation from skin rubbing so fast and rough for about two hours?
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This was nearly three months ago and it took about a week for the rash to leave. Anyways now the only noticable thing is about 5 very small lightly colored red fleshy bumps on my inner thigh. But I'm thinking those bumps are either Molluscum contagiosum or ingrown hairs because I used a razor(Not electric) to shave.
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Nothing shows up that quickly
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I also have these fleshy bumps that stick out some what their collorless and don't appear to be genatal warts. But on the under side of my penis I have some red and some chaffing.
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you need to be seen and have these bumps looked at. if they are molluscum or warts, they can be transmitted to a partner so it's important to get a proper diagnosis.

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