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This Random Discharge From My Penis - What Could It Be?

hey, i'm back again. so long story short I had unprotected oral sex around 26 days ago. Then I started 'realizing' some symptoms. I never feel any burn/pain sensation when I pee and I do not feel any pain in other occassions either BUT there's this random occassional liquid discharge from my penis (when I said random, I can't tell the timing. most of the times I pull down my pants and I see nothing, but sometimes I could see it). and this liquid disharge is colorless. Almost look like pre-***. in fact it does look quite similar to pre-***. when I swabbed that liquid with my finger, and then I rubbed my finger with the other finger, it looked like there were sperm marks on the finger (exactly if you do it with pre-***, you could tell). but if it's not swiped, the color is just colorless (like precum).

So the first thing I did, i ate 2g of azythromicine. It didn't help after 7 days. Then, i went to a doctor just to be sure and got prescribed a ceftriaxone injection as well as 14 days of doxycycline dosage. the doctor didnt actually suspect it might be gonorrhea but he prescribed them anyway in case i have either gonorrhea and chlamydia. But problem is, the medicines did not help. I still have this random occassional discharge, even today :(

I went to another doctor actually last week, and asked him what are the other possible scenarios. he said "M genitalium and trich" also have liquid discharge symptom from the penis but it's almost certain that I did not have one of these two because they weren't acquired by oral sex. And according to him, even gonorrhea is very unlikely because it almost always causes a thick, yellow discharge (pus) and painful urination. But my symptom is different because it's just clear liquid discharge (colorless) and it does not cause any pain during urination. While chlamydia? he said it's possible but it's very unlikely chlamydia has that resistency against azythromicine or doxycycline. The one STD that might be resistant to these stuffs is gonorrhea but my second doctor dismissed my case as gonorrhea has quite different symptoms (according to him)

So guys, tell me, what STD could I possibly have? or it isn't actually a STD but just random precum or stuffs like that? Because whenever I saw this liquid discharge from my penis, it was not actually when I got horny or erected. :(
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This has all the hallmark of MG. Yes it can get passed on through oral sex. Be off antibiotics for 3-4 weeks. And give your first void urine in then morning. DO NOT TAKE ANY FLOUROQUINLONES UNLESS IT IS MOXIFLOXACIN.
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hey there, badgerMR. to be honest, i took metronidazol just one day after i took my azythromicine (i know, shouldn't self-diagnose), but I took them anyway. and it did not help.  I know there's an alternative which is tinidazol but I'm just saying I did take antibiotics against MG myself and it did not help the symptom...
Please don’t self dose yourself antibiotics. That’s why we have resistance. Metronidazole is a completely different class of drugs than moxifloxican. Get yourself tested for MG
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If you meant to say that you took Moxifloxacin, and you still have symptoms, it just means that you have multi drug resistance MG. Yes, there are STD’s in this country that are not known about AND MG is the culprit behind many undiagnosable urethritis/prostatitis issues.

This is way more common than the doctors even know about. I’m not saying this to scare you, I’m saying this. because it’s the truth.

Trust me, stay off all antibiotics, and if you’ve taken a course of Moxifloxacin, wait 4-6 weeks. Order the MyLabBox MG test. Give first void urine. At least then you’ll have an idea of what you are fighting. The next option is long course minocycline. A new antibiotic called Omadacycline could be tried. Or last ditch effort that has about 70% chance of cure is Pristinamycin...but you have to go to France to get it. Yes, MG is this bad.
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Hello, sir. Thanks for your answer once again. Several points of confusions here

1. I took metronidazole (flagyl) . Is that the same with moxifloxacin?

2. Why do i need to wait 4-6 weeks?

3. What is mylabbox MG test?i am not in the US nor france. Can you be more specific what kind of test is that so i can ask my doctor?

4. Why cant i just get cultured test? So a lab should "swab" this liquid to figure out what it is and its resistency. Sounds much easier?
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1)Ok, I’ll clear this up....
Metrondezole IS NOT Moxifloxacin. So that is good news.

2) You need  to wait 4-6 weeks because MG (if that’s the infection you have) tests are SO crucial on bacterial load. And any sort of antibiotic treatment, especially if you took azithromycin or Moxifloxacin —will only help to give false negatives. Believe me. I’ve lived this...and somehow still do.

3) Google MyLabBox and there is a test specifically for MG. It’s a home test. You can do this through your doctor, but it HAS TO BE A PCR TEST ON FIRST VOID URINE.
A swab and then trying to grow MG in culture will not work, because it takes months to grow in culture.

4) I answered this at the end of 3).
If you’re having symptoms in the urethra, testicle pain, prostate pain, or discharge and voiding issues, and chlamydia and gonnorhea tests are negative, MG is the next likely culprit.

Do not take any flouroquinlone class antibiotics until you get an accurate MG test done.

If you are postive for MG, you can take a long course of Moxifloxacin and have a decent shot at curing it.
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Alright. Three last questions from me

1. Did moxifloxacin cure you? And do you think it is the best option? If not what is the best option to cure MG?

2. You said "long course" of moxifloxacin, but what does long course mean? Like how many gram (dosage) per tablet and how many weeks do i need to keep taking them?

3. What are the restrictions? Does it mean we need to stop drinking alcohol etc. While we take moxifloxacin?
No, it did not cure me. And unfortunately, it’s basically untreatable once Moxifloxacin fails. MG isn’t like other bacteria. It’s more like a virus. It lacks a cell wall, and hides inside your cells. There are two classes of antibiotics that have activity against MG. Macrolides and flouroquinlones. But Azithromycin (a macrolide) fails like 50-60% of the time.
Moxifloxacin is the only flouroquinlone that can erradicate MG, if it’s not already resistant.
Moxifloxacin works in 80-85% of the cases. If this fails, there is no other option with a high confidence.
I would recommend 14-21 days of Moxifloxacin minimum if you have not been treated with a flouroquinlone class of antibiotics. They come in 400 mg tablets I believe.

Other common flouroquinlones are ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin. DO NOT TAKE THESE, all they do is make MG resistant against Moxifloxacin.

I would not consume alchohol while on antibiotics.
Thanks a lot. That means I can still try moxifloxacin...and yes i have not been treated with the other flouronquinlones antibiotics that you mentioned because i have never even heard of them.
Then that is good. So, get an accurate Mycoplasma Genitalium test done. Stay off antibiotics at least 3-4 weeks minimum, And give first void urine. Have it PCR tested for MG. Either through your doc, or through MyLabBox home test.
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Have you ever been able to get a proper diagnosis and treatment?
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Hi badger, im in a similir situation for over a year.  I found recopilation and analisis of the last 10 or more years. There others drugs besides Moxifloxacin. I havent tryed any of , not even moxi.
The other antibiotics mentioned in that article are:
Sitafloxacin (japan)
Josamycin  (rusia)
All of this had high cure rates. Ill take this article to my doctor and see what can he prescribe me. I though in moxifloxacin. The thing is that the first antib i was prescribed by another doctor was ciprofloxacin, i know they are in the quinolones family, but I want to know why you say that this increases resistance for Moxifloxacin., is any study thatt proves this?
In Rusia people who had a M.genitallum infection resistant to Azythromycin ( macrolide family) where treated with Josamycin (also a macrolide) with a 94% cure rate.
Could you resolve your case?
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