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Thoughts on std/sti

Hi I had a encounter. With a man who game me oral sex. I'm male too. I had some symptoms a few days after. left testical was tender and felt heavy. And penis tip was feeling irritated. The opening was red and inflamed. A week later I got tested for all  stds. All negative. The the symyoms went an a few weeks. But 3 weeks later they are back. After sex with wife it seams to get irritation at the tip/gland. And I noticed clear discharge for a couple of days but can't see anything now. Also the end of my penis seams wet and cold. But can't see any discharge. Even when milked. Any thoughts please would be good.
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You should be seen again and checked for prostatitis. They can examine you and manually examine your prostate.

Always give and receive protected oral sex with a new partner!
Thank you. Is there any Chance it could be anything else?
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Had another urine sample done at docs. And showed slight infection. Didn't know what so sending it to lab. Any ideas what can show up in them tests.
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