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Throat Gonnorrhea

I've been tested positive for throat gonorrhea. I got a ceftriaxon injection 5 days ago, also I tried gargling Listerine mouthwash a few times. I thought it went a bit better but now I'm seeing white spots on my uvula again, and also still having a sore throat, so I'm afraid it's returning. Throat gonorrhea is also notoriously hard to treat. Is there anyone who has had oral gonorrhea and how did it go away. I can barely find any info and I'm very worried :(

Thanks in advance.
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Where did you see that oral gonorrhea is hard to treat? It isn't.

Did you also take 1gm of azithromycin? That's part of the treatment protocol. https://www.cdc.gov/std/gonorrhea/treatment.htm

Follow up with your doctor since your symptoms are returning. Don't use the Listerine right now - it may be making your throat irritated, and it won't help kill anything any faster.
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There are multiple sources mentioning Pharyngeal gonorrhea being more difficult to cure compared to the other variants. For example:

I'm from the Netherlands, I think we only use Ceftriaxon 500mg here . However I believe the Dr didn't give me the whole 500mg but maybe only half...

I used listerine once more today, and the white spots are gone again, so it does seem to help... But I agree it's probably better to stop doing it. Just being paranoid, gonorrhea is quite scary
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You should only have 250 mg of ceftriaxone, and 1gm of the azithromycin.

The study that indicated that oral gonorrhea was hard to treat was in 2009, and the patients were given cefixime. We know now that there is some resistance to that, so I can't say how much that factored in.


In any case, none of that matters a whole lot to you in this moment. You need to follow up with your doctor. It's possible - not likely - but possible to get chlamydia in the throat, so you should find out if you were tested for that, too. The azithromycin would cure that.

How long do you think you had it before it was treated?
I got tested for Chlamydia, it was negative. Also got a blood test for HIV/Hepitatis etc., these were negative as well but that was to be expected.
I'm not totally sure when I got it but I had an encounter 12 days before treatment. He told me he had urethal gonorrhea, symptoms started a couple of days after our date.
He didn't really blame me as he had more partners before that, but I am considering myself prime suspect. I had two more dates before that but they both claim to be clean, they also tested. I still remain sceptical though as urethal symptoms are often quite early after infection. It will probably remain a bit of a mystery, and doesn't really change anything.

I'll wait a little bit but definately will see the doctor if things don't improve during the weekend. I'm wondering how much effect antibiotics have on the throat, things like the vuvula barely have any blood vessels?
The only reason I asked about how long you've had it was because the earlier it's found, the easier it is to treat. In any case, it doesn't sound like it's been a long time. You're correct that blame is unnecessary.

Definitely follow up if symptoms don't improve. I couldn't find anything about ceftriaxone having a negative effect on the throat or the uvula. It's used to treat a number of throat conditions, including conditions of the uvula.

There are condoms available in flavors (don't expect them to taste like the flavors they claim to be, though) for oral sex. Since you have an active sex life, it might be something to consider. Let me know how you're doing.
I actually don't have a very active sex life, just started two months ago, I'm quite late considering my age. Not that it really matters though. Condoms for oral sex do sound awful however.
I meant how much effect antibiotics have on bacteria in the throat, since there are not many blood vessels in some parts of the throat. There are quite a lot of stories on the internet about throat gonorrhea, but no one really describes how long it took them get rid of it.
Anyway thank you very much for the help so far.
Antibiotics work on the throat - we take them for tonsillitis, strep throat, etc.

Though the treatment is a one-time treatment, it works over a period of time to cure. The recommendations are that you avoid sexual contact for 7 days, or until symptoms are gone, whichever is longer, so it' assumed that you cured within 7 days or so.

If you are still having symptoms, you should go back to your doctor.

And I didn't mean anything bad about having an active sex life. No judgements here at all.

And condoms aren't the best for oral, but they aren't as bad as you might think, when they're flavored. And it's fun trying them out. ;) There's also flavored, edible lubes.
I went to the doctor and got another throat swab today, but the result will take a week again probably, and I'm 95% sure the result will be positive (they say results can be positive up till 7 weeks after treatment anyway).
Just noticed I have a lot of white crap on the BACK of my uvula again, couldn't resist taking another gargling of Listerine, this bacteria is making me sick :( . Still having this sore throat feeling so not any changes in that regard.
I wonder if I should get another shot of ceftriaxone or maybe something different, as the bacteria might be resistant now... I will definately ask for the azithromycin combo this time though.

Did you go to the same doctor? What did they say about the white stuff in your throat? Who is giving you the ceftriaxone? If you get retreated, definitely get the azithromycin this time.

I'm sorry you aren't any better. If you get more treatment, go back to the same doctor so you can have continuity of care - that's really important - and they can monitor your progress and what your throat looks like each time.

It's also possible that the antibiotics will give you a false negative - it honestly could go either way.
Yes I went to the same doctor. He told me he didn't see anything special in the throat but he clearly didn't give it a good look, only briefly when he was taking the swab. I can't even see anything myself when not using a light. Unfortunately I noticed the white stuff only after the appointment, it's quite concealed on the back of the uvula. The doctor gave me the injection. He's quite nice but I do get the impression he's not very used to this situation. I think the test is a PCR which could have false positives up to seven weeks after treatment.
Thanks again!

Keep me posted, and I hope you feel better soon!
As promised a small update. I did two seperate throat tests and they both came out negative. Still feeling my throat a bit though but I guess it's something else. Quite a relief.
Glad to hear it's gone, but Dave has a good question below - how id you originally test positive for it? Did they do a throat swab?

What does he think is happening with your throat?
Yes the doc did a throat swab when I tested positive . He is just saying relax and don't think about it, he hasn't examined my throat. The pain is less than before but still present. I see some small bumps/blisters on the back of my throat, not sure what it could be.
If it lingers, make a doctor look at your throat. It's possible something is going on that's not bacterial in nature but still needs to be addressed.

Hope you feel better soon.
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How did you test positive for throat gono?
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The doc did a throat swab, I think they test for the DNA of the bacteria.
Gonorrhea is cultured in chocolate.... If you took your antibiotics and you have a neg test after that you are all good.
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