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Tip of urethra looks red/inflamed like pair of lips.

I am 23 years old and i have been severly worrying and stressing about my urethra tip. My urethra tip seems to look inflamed/swollen like a pair of lips or something. Its been like this for over a year now. Sometimes it gets worse and sometimes it gets better but more worse. It moetly gets worseafter masturbation. There is a tingling/burning feeling after masturbation. There is also a slight burn at the end of urination but not during. Also a slight dripping after urination as well. Thats really thr only pain. I am afraid this may be due to a sexual encounter that i had about a year and a half ago where i stupidly recieved oral sex from someone. About a few months after this encounter, i took a urine std test and they all came back negative. I told the doctor about this and he said it doesnt look concerning. He said it can be from rubbing against clothing. It has not gone away completely and i am worried that if it doesnt get taken care of asap, it can lead to something more sinister like cancer down the road. I recently did another set pf tests for chlamydia/gonorrhea/hiv/urine culture/blood count, ect.... And am waiting on results. I have did extensive research on this and stumbled upon people with the same symptoms and they went to their urologist and even they cant seem to find the problem prescribing them creams that dont work and basically dismissing them saying "its all in your head" I am just stressing out severly about this. What can this be?
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