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Tired, lose weight, stomach and internal mouth, throat uncomfortable

I have unprotected sex with a girl at end of april, 2 May i been diagnosed influenza b, 2 weeks later has been cured and get vaccine. But after that, I still feel tired, lose weight a lot i think, because my chest muscle dissappear lot till can see bone, eye, stomach, chest, internal mouth and throat uncomforatable, heart beat faster that make my head uncomfortable too, so i go have a rapid hiv test in malaysia government clinic at 2 months exposure, it showed negative, is this rapid test result has highly percentage of accuracy? Cause I very worried is there got any problems in my body, then i asked the doctor but she told me highly possible i got anxiety. But she got ask me to come back for test tud, lft, vdrl, tpha, hiv, fbc after 1 month, just i too worried that cant wait that long. Btw I still feel my body is weird, like i said just now, the symptoms wont disappear. Extremely worried and dont know how to do, i found that my parents eyes are redness and tears and coughing, does my any illness infect to them?
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Your symptoms are not related to HIV - it wouldn't cause rapid weight loss like that this early on, or eye, mouth and chest discomfort.

You need to work with your doctor to find the cause, and I wouldn't focus on an STD - no STD would cause these symptoms.

I don't know if your HIV test was a DUO test - if it was, it's conclusive. If it was just an antibody test, you need to confirm that in another month, but your 2 month test is a good sign that you'd be negative.

Continue to work with your doctor on this, but even if you have an STD, that's not what is causing your symptoms. I can't say if you transmitted it to your parents, because I don't know what is causing your symptoms.
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ok, tq so much, i have arranged with doctor tomorrow, because i have  just influenza b 2 month ago, too worried is its side effect or other related illness, so wanna have a possible pre-answer if its a worse situation, then i can prepare myself then.
I hope you get some answers!
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