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Transmission and Testing Window

I tested for the following yesterday...
HIV-1 Antibody (3rd Gen) - Negative
HIV-2 Antibody (3rd Gen) - Negative
Syphilis - Negative
HSV-1 - Positive
HSV-2 - Negative
Hepatitis A - Negative
Hepatitis B - Negative
Hepatits C - Negative

My sexual activity was with a woman of unknown status.
I'm 8.5 weeks post potential exposure (vaginal intercourse with condom.)
I'm 4.5 weeks post potential exposure (hand job with no protection.)

I read testing would likely show positive for HIV-1 at 6 weeks
I read testing would likely show positive for HIV-2 at 6 weeks
I read testing would likely show positive for Syphilis at 6 weeks
I read testing would likely show positive for Hep-A at 6 weeks
I read testing would likely show positive for Hep-B at 8 weeks
I read testing would likely show positive for Hep-C at 8 weeks

I'm still waiting on results for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea...

What STD's would I still technically be at risk or recommended to test for from either exposure?

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You had no real STD risk
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Thanks Vance...

I got my last results this morning.

HIV-1 RNA - Negative
Chlamydia - Negative
Gonorrhea - Negative

According to the exposure dates above, are my results fairly conclusive?
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Read what I wrote.
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For chlamydia and gonorrhea, yes.

Good sign On herpes but you're a little early still for truly definitive. But a very good sign.

I don't know enough about third-gen HIV tests to say. Fourth-gen/duo tests that also look for P-24 are good after 28 days.

I don't know the hepatitis stuff.

Syphilis can be slow I think. But you had no chancre, right? Not sure of test window for that.
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Your hand job should be no risk.

Protected vaginal sex is essentially no risk. You could get something from skin to skin contact, such as heroes or syphilis, but I think that's one of those theoretical things that's rare in real-life.
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I've had a hard time understanding HIV testing.

I've been told that 3rd generation would likely turn positive between weeks 4-6 making my test somewhere between 97%-99% accurate at 8.5 weeks. I was told a 12 week test is still conclusive.

According to the clinic I tested at, the HIV-1 RNA test is 99% accurate after 4 weeks. I was wondering if the results of these two tests combined meant a 12 week is pointless? My understanding is that I had little to no risk in the first place, but I'm obviously trying to be sure.

My understanding from what I read about testing windows is that I'm at this point conclusive for...

HSV-1 (Positive)

HIV, Hep B, Hep C, and Syphilis scare the hell out of me. I was told him the Hepatitis Community that I had little to no risk from my 4.5 week exposure, and that my 8.5 exposure was good.

Still very worried about Syphilis from 4.5 week exposure.
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Low risk incident, pretty solid tests.

I bet everything you said above is true.

You are probably fine :)
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Can you share insight regarding transmission of Syphilis from unprotected hand job? I understand Hep B and C would be very unlikely because she would have an open cut on her hand I would have to have an open cut, of some sort, etc.

But can you shed insight of how Syphilis would spread with skin to skin contact?
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I know very little about it.

My guess-you don't have it.

I am not an expert, just someone like you...
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What about you Vance, any insight?
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What I know about syphilis-

It's rare in US

This woman probably didn't have it

If she had it, she would most likely have it at her genitals, not on her hand

It's probably hard or impossible to get from a hand job

Pretty sure you'd have a notable chancre on your penis by now if you got it

Your test is probably pretty good but I do think that test has a longer window.

I don't think you should worry about this

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