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Trich seems to be an infection with not much information.  I was diagnosed with it due to an odor and discharge.  My boyfriend and I have been infection free and very happy for THREE years.  Most doctors say it has nothing to do with mildew, wet towels, or toilet seats but, they cant tell me how else it can be contracted outside of sex.  Since so many people have this disease, shouldn't there be more research into its real origin and if it has something to do with the water we drink and the products we use?  My boyfriend and I have been doing research all week in order to save our relationship.  This disease is tearing families and relationships apart because no one knows exactly what causes it or how to get rid of it forever.  Where (besides my doctor) can I find more information on this STD please?
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Not just that but hpv and Mycoplasma genitallium and theres more bacterial diseases that are kept closed doors like meningitis for example this are the silent diseases
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Hi id like to try to help. Most doctors have conflicting opinions regarding trich. But this can be acquired via wet towels and even in hot tubs. Not neccesarily that someone went out of the realtionship.
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