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Trichomonas won’t go away and how to find a better physician?

I was diagnosed with Trichomonas at the end of June and I know I got it in April. The doctor prescribed me a mega dose of the metronidazole and said I should feel better in 24 hours. I did NOT feel better in 24 hrs I waited a week because everything online kept telling me the symptoms could take a week to subside but when they didn’t I called my doctor and she prescribed me another mega dose. This one did absolutely nothing but make my symptoms worse my cervix hurt so bad. I went to immediate care and they diagnosed me with a uti but they also tested my urine for trich which came back negative. The doctor treated me for trich with one weeks worth of metronidazole based off of my symptoms. 2 days after finishing my metronidazole I feel the symptoms of my trich returning. I sent my doctor a message through the portal saying they came back but she basically said I’m a liar bc no one fails treatment for trich so I must have reinfected myself with a new partner. I HAVE NOT had sex at all since I got this and no one believes me when I say it’s antibiotic resistent. The negative urine test made my doctor think I am super dumb but I’m not faking my symptoms. Can the urine test be a false negative? How do I find a doctor to actually believe me and treat me?
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Hi testing for trich with urine is done mostly for men as a swab of the discharge is done for women. have a swab when the discharge appears. also the discharge for trich in women is green. has your discharge been green?
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