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Trichomoniasis worry

My gf of two years had a chlymadia scare 2 years ago but we both got medication and cleared. About a year later I had a full routine screening (hiv, herpes, syphliis, gonnerea, chlymadia, hep) and was negative on all. My doctor told me don’t worry about hpv because basically we all have it. But right before the test I came across on the Internet trichomoniasis but didn’t get  and knew little about it. I didn’t worry about it for a year but now I’m worried if I possibly gave it to my partner and if I should even bother since we’ve been std free for two years. Neither of us show symptoms (which also concerns me since it can bear no symptoms)?
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It's theoretically possible that you've both had trich without symptoms for this long, but practically speaking, I'd be very surprised if you did.

It's more common for men not to show symptoms, but I'd suspect your girlfriend would have shown symptoms by now, or it to be detected when she had her testing done.

If it concerns you that much, you can test for it, but I see no reason for you to worry about it.
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