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Trying to make sense of my test results

I just tested positive for syphilis this month. I've been with my husband 7 yrs and he's my first and only sexual partner. We separated last month because I caught him cheating. He swears that's the only affair. I was free of diseases and negative on HIV and syphilis tests for my immigration papers in Dec 2006. Our sex life was pretty much non-existent by that time and the last time we had sex was around Mar-Apr 2007. So we had no sex in the last three years. My pap however came back positive in 2008 for HPV and cervical dysplasia and it finally cleared this month. That's when I decided to get tested for STDs as I had just caught my husband cheating. All except for syphilis were negative. The test was performed again after 2wks and according to my Dr. the results were 1 negative, 2 positive. She doesn't seem to think it's a false-positive and considering my husband's history, decided to treat it as latent syphilis and give me 3 penicillin shots.

I talked with my husband about this and he's apparently alarmed and baffled as to how this could be possible. He was part of a clinical study on Urinary tract infection (or something related) in mid 2009 and I remember seeing an email he showed me that the study confirmed he was free of STDs. Apparently they test all participants prior to the study. Considering I was negative in Dec 2006 and after that we were intimate only a few times, didn't notice any sores or rashes either on him or me, how could I have syphilis now? I suggested to my husband that he maybe got treated and didn't tell me at some point in 2007 and the thought of it made him upset. Swears he would not risk my health like that. I'm so confused and lost.

I requested a copy of my test results (Husband also went in for a test and promised to give me his past records) and am looking at it now. They are:
HIV 1/2 EIA = NR
Syphilis T Pallidum IgG Abs by EIA = Syphilis
Quantitative RPR = NR
T Pallidum confirmatory test (TP-PA?) = AR
Syphillis confirmation interpretation = syphilis confirmed

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Not really sure what you are looking for. You could have gotten syphilis from your husband, you could have had sex with someone else and gotten it that way or you got a false positive.
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