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Two fleshy bumps in pubic area

I had a hard smooth lump under the skin in my pubic region that was about 2 inches long. After a few days it turned into what looked like 2 bumps on top of the skin right next to each other but when I rubbed across it, it still felt like the same big smooth lump, only softer. One of the bumps was smooth and soft and the other was still kind of hard. The hard one busted open first with a yellow puss like substance, followed by blood. The soft bump scabbed without ever bleeding. I accidentally broke the scab and that bump started to bleed also. Now both bumps are red in the middle and look like they're bleeding but its actually flesh sticking out of them. It looks pretty nasty and I wanted to know if it was possible that this could be herpes or any other type of STD.
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Bumps can be many things often not a STD, but you would have to see a Dr.
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