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It has been a while since I have been on this forum and I must say the fees have certainly increased. Oh Well.
I have been celibate and I mean celibate for two years. This celibacy was recently broken with a fellow co-worker at a 'before the school year starts and the crazy kids come back' party. (3 days ago)  Both my co-worker and I were DRUNK and the sex lasted about 5-10 minutes, no protection. Aside from our stupidity and complete lapse in judgment, we discussed our sexual health, he is married and was worried about taking something home to his wife, his only partner for the past 25 years, and I was last screened for STDs, including HIV in 2011. I saw no lesions on his penis that would have given a red flag, then again, it was dark. He did mention that he puts powder on his penis to soak up sweat.

He did not ejaculate in me, he pushed me off so he could finish. I got up to use the bathroom and noticed a little bit of blood and mucus, when I wiped my vagina. I attributed the presence of blood to friction and lack of enough natural lubrication

We are both African Americans, in Denver CO. I am 31, he is 45. He suffers from MS and is on a weekly injection, along with a brain lesion that is drained once a month. He seems to go to the doctor pretty regularly.

The only thing I have noticed is a little irritation when I try to urinate, a mellow burning sensation and a small  amount of itching. There is no odd smell or discharge.

Given that both parties claim:
No presence of STD, including HIV or Herpes

Would it be necessary to run out and get an STD panel run. Let me know if a UTI starts out pretty slow and the burning sensation will get worse.

Thank you!

PS. My co-worker and I are working to put this incident behind us.
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Hi and welcome back. If he did this with you chances hes done it with others and i would have some testing done. UTI,s do start slow and as the bacteria builds up more damage is done. Definately be seen by a doctor to go over this experience and the symptoms your having.
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