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Ulcers after giving oral sex

Ok so iam a male, i gave unprotected oral to another male for the first time. he also said it was the first time for him. no ejaculation, maybe pre-cum i dont know about that, but did not taste it. i had no cuts or blood in my mouth, iam pretty sure about that. there was no penetration. The day after i recognized some white spots in my mouth (behind my lips). like 2 really small dots, no pain, no red borders or anything, they look like ulcers??. it looks exactly like this: http://ulcerspictures.com/files/2010/06/mouth-ulcers.jpg , but smaller. i also think it got smaller after one day now ( 2 days after oral)  i think i already had these things when i was younger at the tongue,etc. (when i was not sexually active). now iam just afraid i caught something from that blowjob? A day after i also was really anxious about HIV and all that, but i know now, thanks to this forum, that this is not possible. I will get a test anyway, just to ease my mind ( iam hypochondriac). I am now concerned about these white things (ulcers???) is this already possible after not even 24 hours? I thought Syphillis and Gonnorhea would have a longer incubation period? This anxiety is very hard for a hypochondriac like me , who is worried all the time. but this time its something else, i know my head is doing many of these things but i dont know if i should wait another day to see if it gets smaller or if i should see a doctor right now? iam living in a country where this would be a bit complicated to tell the doctors (islamic culture). I am looking for advice and for peace of mind. I want to move on but the anxiety is giving me a very hard time.
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whether a partner ejaculates or not has nothing to do with std risk. It's the sex act itself that is the risk, not whether there is semen or not.

you can get canker sores from the friction of performing oral sex. they are not contagious and they are not std related.

no std shows up  the next day either.

to best protect yourself, always give and receive protected oral unless it's a trusted partner who you know their std status. even though the risk of a std from oral is very low in general, it saves you a lot of worry and money on testing!

no reason for any std testing from this encounter.

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If you need more assurance, I concure with what Grace said.  
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yes ...two days are soon for symptom to show..like you described it might have been present before
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