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Underside of penis tender no discharge occasional itch in uretha

39 m had unprotected sex with 3 different woman (all said they were STD free) in the past 6 months.  Now have a GF(not one of the previous 3 and she is STD free) and had unprotct. sex while she had a yeast infec./urinary tract infection.  For the past month, I have noticed the underside of the tip of my penis is tender and is slightly red.  Occasional slight itch in the uretha.  No discharge.  No burning during urination.  Maybe a slight increase in feeling the need to urinate.  An occasional slight/minor dull pain in my right testicle.  Is this an STD or anxiety or stress?

I do have a lot of stress in my life..  work 65+ hours a week..  have high alcohol consumption and consume at least 20 ounces of diet soda/day

The underside tip of my penis does feel different then 6 months ago but have slight symptoms..and they are not constant but worries me.

have not been tested for any STD?

Could my GF's yeast infection/uti cause my slight occasional  discomfort?
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Sounds exactly like me. No discharge, just tenderness on the underside of my penis head. I asked the girl I had unprotected sex with and she said she had just been tested?
I work 60+ hrs a week and have a ton of stress as well...
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Alcohol is an irritant. Try not drinking any and avoid caffeine too for a few weeks and see if that helps too.

You need to follow up on this with your provider.  You have a history of unprotected sex so for your own health and your current gf's - go get a full std screen done too. Be sure to ask for herpes testing too - not because this sounds like herpes as much as because it's the most common std out there so cover that base.  Also have you asked your current gf not only if she gets tested for std's but how and for which ones?  Many women assume that just getting a yearly pap test covers all the bases but it doesn't. Also herpes testing usually is not part of a std screening when you ask for one so it's best to check.

This very well could be a fungal infection on you but you'll need to go and be seen and get it checked out.  In the future - anytime your gf feels anything going on down yonder avoid sex.  

I hope you follow my advice and get the std screening done.  Better to find out now then to find out a few months from now when your gf will start being very suspicious that you cheated on her don't you think?

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