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Unprotected Sex with Prostitute in Macau

OK, probably the dumbest thing one could possibly do, I know.

So I got real drunk and ended up sleeping with a prostitute in Macau. We kissed for a while, I ate her out, then we had unprotected sex for no more then 2 or 3 minutes as I was so drunk that the old parts weren't working to well. In fact, I may have passed out during.

I woke up the next morning and the first **** I took burned. I thought maybe because I was dehydrated? Would burning occur that quickly, 6-8 hours, with an std or infection of some sort? Also, could there be another possible explanation? I remember she was riding me and hurt a bit because I couldn't get a full erection? Perhaps an injury.

Well, I'm currently living in China and planned to get checked out as soon as possible. I was going to wait a week or so to make sure if something is there it will show up. No other signs, just a burning sensation when I pee or ejaculate and it lingers, like I can feel it a little right now. No redness or anything coming out. It has been 4 days since, she was Filipino and had arrived last month if that matters....  Thanks in advance.
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Symptoms do not start that quick...here are accurate testing times:
Gonorrhea and chlymida-1 week
Herpes-3-4 months
HIV-3 months
Syphilis-6 weeks
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Does duration of the sex have anything to with chances of getting an STD? Just curious.

Also, is Hepatitis something I should also look into getting tested for?
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It is not proven that it does, but common sense say less time exposed to something les chance of getting something.

Post in the Hep community for that answer. I have no knowledge about Hep and I have never seen the Dr's on this site recommend testing for it after unprotected sex. But I can't give you a definate answer on that.
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