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Unprotected oral

Hi, I had unprotected oral from an escort. I am male, about 10 days ago. About 5 days after this I felt a burning sensation on the top of my urethra. There was no discharge and urinating didn’t make it worse.
I went to the doctor and he did a urine dip test and I was clear. He prescribed me a 3 day antibiotic for a UTI. Two days after taking the antibiotics the buri g eased, it’s still there but not as bad.
As the burning was still there I went to the doctor and got a STI test done. Would taking the antibiotics give a false negative for the urine test.
My questions are. How much of a risk did I have contacting chlamydia or gonnerea.
I am worried I put my girlfriend at risk as she performed oral on me 4 days after my exposure.
Hope you can advise
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So you received oral sex.  Receiving oral sex is very low risk for std's.  Here's an answer describing a similar situation from a guru in std's, expert Dr. Hook.  He's pretty infamous in the world of sexually acquired diseases.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/STD-from-receiving-oral-sex/show/1988650  You can read his explanation of why biologically it is unlikely to result in an STD to receive oral sex.  He states that chlamydia is not going to be a concern through receiving oral sex.  Gonorrhea is a tiny risk and nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) as well.     A three day course of antiotics is very short and given for a very mild situation.  That you aren't better, I'd check back in with your doctor.  Was your testing for std's done at the appropriate time frame post exposure?  I would ask your doctor regarding the antibiotic and the std testing you had.  It 'can' interfere. But really, receiving oral sex is a very low risk.  
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Hi Thanks for the reply.
I went to the doctor 7 days post exposure. Develop the the burning sensation 5 days post exposure, no discharge. Doctor did a urine 10 strip urine test which was negative for all. I was thinking if I had a bacteria sti it show on the urine strip test. Well most UTIs or STIs would give a positive for leucocytes, I could be wrong on this.
He prescribed the 3 day course anyway but said no infection present.
I went for a sti test anyway 10days post exposure as I’m a little nervous of the burning sensation. I had taken two days worth of antibiotics when I went for the STI test.
Would a negative leucocytes urine test be encouraging
When I get the results back would they be reliable considering the 2 days of antibiotics.
The burning sensation has reduced allot, hardly noticible now. Would this also be encouraging.
Just to mention I was prescribed Azithomycin as a precaution.
Thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.
What was the dose of azithromycin? 3 days is an unusual dose of that.

If he found no bacteria or leucocytes, why did he treat you - just based on symptoms?

Two days of antibiotics shouldn't skew the testing, though it's possible.

Yes, no leukocytes is encouraging.

How's your water intake? While you wait for results, make sure you are drinking enough water, and lay off the caffeine, sports drinks, juices, and alcohol.
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