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Unprotected sex last night - showing symptoms of an STD in less than 24 hours?

Red Bump with reddish/white head on penis after unprotected sex. Had sex last night, around 1am, and it just showed up today - first noticed it around 4pm.

I have a diagnosis/blood test on Wednesday, desperately need peace of mind in mean time. And yes, I know I was a dummy to have unprotected sex in first place... But what's going on here?

Looks like: Large Reddish base bump/lump with white/reddish head like a pimple. But it won’t pop. Can upload a picture.
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You can get tested for the following stds at the following times : gonorrhea and chlamydia after 1 week post encounter, syphilis after 6 weeks, herpes and hiv after 3 months. Getting tested at the proper times is important!

No std causes symptoms that quickly. This sounds like irritation.

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