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Unsure of what this is...

Hi, i am a 23 year old male and about 3 months ago I was fooling around with a girl, nothing sexual happened but there was dry humping and after that occured i notice a red rash on shaft of my penis near the head (I am circumcised) I figured it was just a rash from rubbing up against my jeans, and i would put lotions on it to try and get rid of it, this did not work.

The redness will go away if i were to leave my penis alone, however if i am to masterbate it comes back even worse and has even formed a small red like blister (a single one). So I decided not to masterbate and see if it will go away, and after awhile the redness went away (the redness would sort of flake away) but a small whiteish coloured bumplike thing UNDER the skin would remain. Worrying this was HSV I went to the local walk in clinc and got STD testing done (urine and blood). I told them about the the mark, and the nurse looked at it (the white bump) and said it didn't look like anything sexually transmitted.

I went to get the results today and everything came back negative, and i really have no idea what this is or what to do. I havent had sex in over a year, but have had unprotected oral sex over 6 months ago. It kind of tingles and will still form the redness whenever there is any friction. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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This is definitely not an std issue.  You had no skin to skin genital contact to even think that this is std related.  Try posting in Men's health or dermatology forums.
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