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Unsure what’s going on - Help - 37/m

I previously had an one time encounter on 6/5 unprotected oral and vaginal sex. I immediately became paranoid that I have caught something and have tested regularly lately.

I developed HPV genital warts on 7/26 which was confirmed by a dermatologist and have started treatment on them.

During the past 8 weeks since exposure I had one incident around 15 days after exposure where I was sure I had chlmydia or gonnorhea. My urethra felt constricted, and I had a sudden urge to pee frequently with not that much urine. I would feel a slight discomfort in my left testicle after urinating. I went and got tested immediately and once I saw the results, it pretty much went away. Fast forward to roughly 30+ days later… Until recently after I developed the genital warts.

On 7/31 I noticed that the frequency to urinate started again and there was discomfort again towards the scrotum/base of urethra after urinating. I never feel “pain” or “burning.” I don’t have any noticeable discharge. It is now 4 days later and the discomfort is almost completely gone.

Here is my testing history as of late:
Dates of testing
6/7 - chlymidia and gonnorhea urine test and throat swab - negative
6/10 - full panel std test, all negative
6/23 - full panel std test, all negative
7/26 - the day after seeing the wart, full panel std test, all negative
8/2 - trich urine test and hsv2 test - both negative
8/4 - chlymidia, trich, gonnorhea, syphilis test, urinalysis - pending results.

I find it odd to be a STD or NGU given the 30 days in between of having zero symptoms and testing negative for everything. Am I safe to stop testing for chlmydia and gonnorhea? How accurate is a Trich urine test for males?

My appointment with a urologist is still two week out. Anyone ever experience something like this?
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What is on your "full panel"?

The trich test for men is fairly accurate, but I'd wonder more about mycoplasma, a prostate issue, or to be honest, anxiety. You mentioned that this went away as soon as you saw your test results, and then it came back with the HPV.

I do think you should check to see if you've been tested for mycoplasma and see the urologist. In the meantime, it's clear it's not anything else. You can stop testing for the rest. How's your water intake? Make sure you're drinking enough, and lay off the caffeine and alcohol, if you drink those.

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You sure did a lot of tests. It is hard to miss any STIs with a 'carpet bombing' of testing.
"Full panel STD test" can be different in different places. Did you  have urethral swabs every time during "full panel test"? That alone could get your urethra irritated and make you feel discomfort.
Your symptoms are extremely atypical for chlamydial or gonococcal urethritis. They are mild and transient and far from exposure - the more "strange" they look the more likely they are anxiety-driven.
You asked if anyone experienced atypical STI symptoms many days after exposure. I did. Feeling guilty, panicky and paranoid, I kept finding   symptoms of gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV for half a year, even after protected sex and a myriad of negative tests. After a slightest discomfort in my scrotum (which can be triggered by sedentary lifestyle or low water intake or million of other non-STI causes) my mind created terrible pictures of those pesky gonococci invading my prostate ninja-style and wreaking havoc there.
What helped me was reading this forum and seeing I am not alone. Hope it helps you too.
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Never had a urethral swap- all urine tests.

I informed my partner of my infidelity and had her tested immediately a few days ago. She has BV according to her swab test results which I certainly gave her.

I still have intermittent symptoms of left testicular pain. The physician ordered a mycoplasma test for me but doesn’t have the results yet. In the meantime they started me on Bactrim until those results are available.

Any thoughts on this?
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Women can develop BV without ever having sex. You don't know that you gave her that.

Bactrim isn't the first choice for treatment of mycoplasma genitalium. It's decent for mycoplasma pneumonia, but doxycycline is better for MGen.


See what the tests say first before worrying about it.

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