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Unusual Large Top Lip Markings (Verry Worried!)

Hello, and thank you soooo much for any help at all you can give.

My name is Jon im 18 and I am going insane with panic. About 1 1.5 weeks ago I notices what looks to be a blister going from one side to the other on my top lip. It doesnt look like there is any fluid in it however im not positive. On my top lip there is the inside which is bright pink, then the blister type thing which is a whitish color, then above that is my normal outer lip color darkish pink. The white part goes all the way from the left side to the right. It is very slightly raised.  In the middle of my top lip the white part im worried about seems to dip down and back up once just right of the center lip, and once just left of the center lip. Almost perfectly  symmetrical. Before realizing this lip thing I did have chapped lips from the cold and wind.

About 1 or 2 days prior to me noticing this I did drink after someone who I wouldnt doubt could possibly carry an std. However, and more importantly, my x girlfriend and I had unprotected sex frequently. But the last time we had unprotected sex or any sex was 1 month ago, and i just noticed the lip thing about a week and a half ago. She had been on the pill a long time, so I just recently realized that she probably had a lot of unprotected sex with her past boyfriends. Im an idiot.

What drew my attention to my lip (to be perfectly honest) was when I was smoking a marijuana joint and i noticed a burn in my top lip. I verry rarely smoke pot so i thought nothing of it. I also smoke cigarettes regurally but do not drink. I dont take any other drugs then weed once in a blue moon.

This is driving me absolutly INSANE! As it is visible to anyone who looks at my face. Im too embaressed to go to a health clinic, and even if i wasnt i dont have the money for it. I couldnt even afford medicain right now i dont know what i would do if i had an std. My x girlfriend is comming back into town shell be here in 1 month PRAY that it can be taken care of by then because shes my first love! I just want to be happy but i cant with this!!! Thank you SOOO much for your interest. And sorry for writing you a book here i just want to give as much detail as i can.
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