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Update - OCD, HIV, Barret's Esophagus

Update: Most importantly - I suffer from OCD.  Awful, depressing, OCD that controls my brain.  I am going to beat it.  I see a therapist once a week and am reading a book  - Brain Lock by J Schwartz that I would recommend to all who suffer from this disorder.  I also take 100mg Luvox, which helps...though the side effects can be difficult (headaches, insomnia, etc)
I wanted to let everyone know I do not have Chron's Disease as previously thought.  Two endoscopies, two biopsies, and several blood tests later, my newfound GERD goes unexplained and I have been confirmed and begun treatment (pantoprazole) for Barrett's Esophagus.  To have this disease so young and w/out ever having suffered from GERD prior to a April (5 months post exposure), even my doctors are mystified - two specialists here in LA.  
My General Practicioner and gastro specialists, as well as my counselor at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian clinic where I test, aware of my past, have suggested I test for HIV beyond my 174 day post exposure negative antibody and 174 day NAAT negative.  It is compunding my OCD, but I understand that they, like me, want answers.  
Are their suggestions at all valid and backed by data or would this be a step backwards and a big relapse of OCD to begin testing again?
It is difficult for me to be on this site w/out becoming obsessed with reading entries, so I will only check in on occasion for responses. This is my first time back in several months and I recommend that to all suffering from OCD.  There is good information here, but it feeds the beast. Good luck to all and many thanks.

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I can't answer this definitively because I don't know your symptoms, or your exposure history.  Did you have a known HIV exposure?

The CDC testing guidelines state that someone who has a KNOWN exposure (as in had unprotected sex with someone who has HIV) be tested immediately, at 3 months, and 6 months.  174 days is very close to 6 months, and if you are negative on an antibody and NAAT test, I see no reason for you to continue testing, based on what you have said in your post.

You should also post this in the HIV prevention forum if you want the best information.


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